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Here at RDV Barbershop we pride ourselves on giving clean and sharp haircuts and trims to our clientele. Our haircuts and trims are purposely tailored to fit your unique style and features. We are dedicated to providing great customer service and we work to insure that each time a customer leaves they are completely satisfied with our work.

Haircut $25+
Beard $20
Beard trim ONLy $10
Eyebrows threading $8
Eyebrows waxing $6
Face waxing $6
Full face wax $8
Beard colour $10
Hair colour $20

Haircut + Beard $40
Haircut and Beard Trim $30
Haircut+Beard+Eyebrows $45
Haircut+beard+Face Wax $45


Monday Through Sunday

8:00 AM – 9:00 

Free Any Bookings Please Call


We provide a wide variety of services at RDV Barbershop that range anywhere from haircuts to eyebrow threading. Our barbershop provides a relaxing and enjoyable experience where men can feel comfortable while enjoying quality service.
Our haircut services range anywhere from buzz cuts to beard trims. We work to provide the perfect cut that aligns with your desires and style.
We provide two different waxing services at RDV. Our standard face wax removes annoying and unflattering hairs from your face giving you a fresh look. With our full face wax we completely remove any hair from your face (as needed) to give you a completely clean look.
We provide a variety of hair coloring services to help give our clients that fresh and appealing look. We color beards, do highlights, grey blend and full on hair color changes. Our barbers will help you find that one of a kind shade that compliments your complexion and look
If you are looking for an alternative to waxing we also provide an eyebrow threading services that give can give you that precise eyebrow shape you’re looking for with a more gentle approach for your skin.
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